The Health Impacts of Infrared Light

When it comes to infrared light, there is no marketing material which seems complete without those wonderful health benefits of this technology.
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Whether it is an infrared heater or an infrared sauna, it is important to notice the health impacts that the infrared technology will have on us. In the following lines, we will teach you more about the health impacts of infrared light.

Skin disorders

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Infrared light cause skin disorders. Scaling, irritation, and hyperpigmentation may occur for regular use of infrared technology, even if your skin is not burned. Moreover, due to an increased temperature, you can experience skin cancer. Most people have noticed skin thickness after using an infrared sauna, which is rated as one of the most eco-friendly systems. Try to hydrate more when you are choosing those sauna sessions and repair your damaged skin with several oils and vitamins. You can opt for zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, lavender oil, which encourage healing in skin, licorice root which is an effective herb in treating dermatitis, irritation, redness and other skin disorders, and more others. However, it is very important for you to understand the health impacts of infrared light, so you can avoid it.

Eyes problems

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It’s not well-known the fact that infrared light could affect your eyes, but the overuse of this technology will have side effects on the retina. Moreover, due to the thermal heating, the cornea can be damaged. Actually, this process will lead to astigmatism, which is a condition that causes blurred vision. Nowadays, a lot of people experienced cataracts and injuries to the eye lens due to prolonged exposure to high levels of infrared radiation. However, it’s recommended to wear eye protection every time you use infrared light, especially during your facial treatment. Some of the most efficient facial treatment is based on infrared technology. That’s why you need to be very careful when you are using these treatments. There are people who are choosing the light for non-facial applications, such as pain relief. Therefore, if you are deciding to follow this process, make sure the light will not shine in your eyes.