Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Cardio Workouts

If you go to a gym, the first thing you will be hearing around there is that you must include cardio exercises into your workout routine. This is a very good advice because cardio workouts bring many benefits to your health, as you are about to find out.
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A strengthened heart

Cardio is the short from cardiovascular and is the first clue on how these workouts can help you improve your health. Your heart is a muscle and like any other muscles, it gets stronger with exercising. Cardio workouts target the heart and force it to pump blood at a faster rate meaning your heart rate is being accelerated and the heart get stronger by being pushed over its limits. On the long term, this results in fewer heart problems.

An improved blood circulation

Since your heart pumps blood at a higher speed, more blood is transported through your body and your organs enjoy a better oxygenation. The first organ to show improvements from the accelerated blood circulation is your brain that becomes sharper and keeps you more connected and active during your daily activities.
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A boosted metabolism

While increasing your heart rate, cardio exercises also accelerate other functions of your body, a mechanism called metabolism. This is related to how your body burns calories so it has to do with your weight and diets. The more you strain your body with cardio exercises, the more your metabolism will speed up and you will manage to maintain a smaller weight.

Stronger bones

With age, you start losing bone mass, something also known as osteoporosis, a dangerous disease that makes your bones brittle and fragile. Cardio workout can help you prevent this disease by encouraging your body to create more bone mass.
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How can you get the cardio benefits?

Usually, cardio exercises are those that engage your body into an exhausting activity that makes you breathe heavy and sweat. In the gym, there are some fitness machines specially designed to provide you an intense cardio workout and one of those machines is the treadmill. Perhaps you never thought that running could bring you so many health benefits but the treadmill is on top of the list of cardio fitness equipment that improve your health in many ways. The next on the list is the rowing machine that increases your body’s strength and endurance by offering resistance during the exercise. This contributes to increasing your heart rate and strengthening your health.