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Shaving Tips from Expert Dermatologists

Although shaving a beard sound easy, it’s actually more complicated than you thought and men can certify this. Dermatologists put a lot of accent on shaving because it’s the main personal care routine that involves the skin so they always offer some useful shaving tips meant to help men take better care of their skin.
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Don’t shave if you have a rash

If you notice any irritation or red spot on your skin, avoid shaving because this will spread the bacteria on a larger area of your face. Damaged skin with eczema or an allergy breakout should be left to cure before shaving so you won’t enlarge the affected area. However, if the growing hair makes the skin become more itchy, consider trimming the beard without causing more damage to the skin.

Don’t shave against the hair growing direction

You probably thought that shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growing will result in a more precise cut closer to the hair root but this is actually a bad thing to do. Bringing the razor blade so close to your skin will result in razor burn and ingrown hairs. If you soften your hair, it will be easier to cut so you won’t have to shave so close to the skin.
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Take your time when you shave

Even if you might be in a hurry, shaving is the last thing you would want to rush. The fast and brutal movements won’t do any good to your skin and could cause sever nicks so make sure you give shaving the time it needs.

Prepare your skin for shaving

Before you shave, make sure you prepare your skin for the process by softening the hair. Washing with a facial cleanser will make the hair feel softer, compared to the harsh soaps that remove he natural oils that soften the hair. Apply facial cleanser and leave it on your skin for a minute before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Alternate hot and cold water

When you shave, use hot water that opens the pores and makes the hair softer. You could even shave in the shower to allow the steam to do its part. After shaving, rinse your face with cold water to create a shock that will close the pores and will reduce redness and inflammation.
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Use the Philips Norelco rotary electric shaver

Most dermatologists recommend using an electric shaver instead of a regular shaver because it is more delicate to the skin. The electric shaver comes as a razor or a foil model and it delivers a smooth and precise shaving without damaging the skin. The latest technologies used in designing the Philips Norelco Sensotouch allow it to follow the contour of your face and to cut with maximum precision.