Microwaved Food – Health Considerations

Almost all households have a microwave in them. As time has passed, this cooking appliance has seen many improvements. The reason why its popularity grew to this level is because it provides a very fast cooking method. It is ideal for modern people who can’t afford to lose time at all. But there are a lot of rumors surrounding microwaved food, reason why some people are afraid to consume it. Instead of basing your decision of consuming microwaved food or not on rumors, read our article to find out the truth about microwaved food and your health.
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Nutrients are actually better preserved

Some say that if you microwave your food it loses its nutrients. This is completely false, nutrients being lost from food only when it is cooked for too long. Seeing how microwaving the food takes a lot less than frying or boiling it, the nutrients in microwaved food are actually a lot better preserved. If you’re not fast when you cook the food, most heat and water sensitive nutrients are lost. The most common nutrients that are lost from foods if you don’t microwave them are thiamin and vitamin C, both of which are more than crucial to your health and well-being. Therefore, if you truly want to lead a healthy life and take as many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the food that you consume, cook it in the microwave.

Concerns regarding the exposure of food to radiation

When you prepare your food in the microwave, you expose it to radiation. This sounds incredibly scary, but the truth is that the radiation that comes from the microwave isn’t all that dangerous. The microwaves used to cook food when you prepare it with this kitchen appliance are a lot weaker than you would imagine. In fact, they are so weak that they don’t produce any changes in the composition of your food. All in all, microwaving is as safe as any other cooking method that applies heat to the food. Therefore, leave your worries aside and don’t stop using the microwave just because you hear a lot of exaggerations. Your food won’t be altered, and your health won’t suffer at all.