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How Weighted Clothing Can Help You Increase Bone Mass

Bones represent the support system of our bodies, being vital to keep them strong and healthy in order to avoid serious health problems and injuries. For example, when you lose bone mass, you inevitably develop osteoporosis. When this horrid health problem appears, your bones become very fragile, meaning that they will succumb to fractures more easily. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by increasing bone mass. To do this, you will need the help of weighted clothing. To find out more about how weighted clothing help increase bone mass, read the following lines.
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How exercising with weighted clothing helps increase bone mass

As you train while wearing weighted clothing, you increase muscle mass. This, in turn, causes the bones to increase in size and density as well. Therefore, if you add weighted clothing to your workout routine, increasing the workout session in difficulty, you will help your bones become stronger. Weighted clothing is especially important to be included in the workout sessions of those who have a weak tone and women. The reason why it’s mandatory is because these categories of people tend to lose bone mass quicker as they age.

Weighted clothing that mustn’t miss from your collection

There are a lot of types of weighted clothing that you can include in your workout routine to increase bone mass. To make sure that you will have optimal results, purchase a weighted vest, weighted shirts, weighted arm sleeves, weighted shorts, weighted gloves, and ankle weights. Of course, when you exercise, don’t wear them all at once. Wear them depending on the muscle group that you work out at that moment. This way, you will help your muscle mass grow faster in that particular area, and your bone mass will increase at the same time.

Exercises with weighted clothing that you can perform to increase bone mass

As we have already mentioned, in order to increase bone mass you must work out while wearing weighted clothing. But there are certain exercises that are more helpful for increasing bone mass than others. These exercises are lunges, squats, and step ups.

Lunges, no matter if we’re talking about side lunges, reverse lunges, or any other type of lunges, engage your leg and hip musculature and increase bone mass. They help even more when weighted clothing pieces are added.

Just like lunges, squats can be performed in a variety of different ways. No matter the type of squats that you practice, wear weighted clothing to see muscle growth, to increase bone mass, and to improve your overall health.

Step ups are similar to lunges, and they can be performed in a variety of ways. To increase the intensity of these exercises and to increase bone density fast, make the step ups more challenging by adding weighted clothing.