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How to Take Care of Your Sensitive Skin

Anyone having troubles with their sensitive skin knows how disturbing it can get and how much care and attention it requires. Using the wrong cosmetic product or not treating a minor irritation could lead to more severe skin damage so you need to be very careful during your skin beauty routine. To help you prevent any skin problem, we have some skin care tips that will help you take good care of your sensitive skin.

Clean your skin

Your day should start with a deep cleansing that will remove all the impurities from your pores. You can either buy a cleansing lotion or you can use plain milk that has great cleansing properties and moisturizes your skin. Regardless the product, cleansing must be performed with a soaked cotton pad and circular movement that will get all the impurities off the skin.
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Moisturize everyday

Your skin will need daily moisturizing because it loses its essential water during the day. You must apply a moisturizing cream on a clean skin prior to applying cosmetics so the pores will have time to absorb all the cream. Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer if you want an all-natural alternative. It penetrates deep into the skin and has antimicrobial properties that prevent irritations and eczema.

Be careful when buying cosmetics

Buying skin care products is not an easy task when we are referring to sensitive skin and the products you use on a daily basis must be chosen with maximum care. When you buy something you are going to apply to your skin, read the label carefully and make sure it doesn’t contain parabens, alcohol, or perfumes. It’s best to opt for products based on natural ingredients or you can even make your own skin care products at home.
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Use solar protection all the time

For people with sensitive skin, solar protection is not something they use only during the summer but must be part of their skin care routine all year round. As the sun damages the skin in the summer, so does the wind in the winter or the rain in the autumn so your skin must be protected at all times. Choose a cream with an SPF 30 and apply it every time you go out.

Limit the use of makeup

Unless you are going to an event that requires you to apply makeup, it’s best to avoid using too many products that clog your skin and irritate it. You should limit the use of makeup products on the skin for times when it really is necessary and you should use those that take care of delicate skin. Avoid using stuff that contains preservatives or comes in a waterproof formula and regularly throw away the old products.
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Don’t forget to exfoliate

Every week, your sensitive skin will need a deep exfoliation that removes any dead skin cells and impurities that might have reached into the pores. The exfoliating cream must be applied with gentle movements, without applying pressure and rubbing the skin. You can also use natural exfoliators like ground coffee, brown sugar, or cornflower that you mix with honey, yogurt, or smashed fruits. The harsh particles will manage to scrub the skin and the result will be a softer and cleaner skin with fewer imperfections.