Health Tips

How to Choose Healthy Mattresses and Pillows

When you buy new mattresses and pillows, you need to make sure that the ones you choose will take care of your health and will help you sleep like a baby the entire night. There are many health risks related to the bedding in your home from the dust mites that gather inside the layers of the mattress and pillow to the way they adapt to the contour of your body. Therefore, it’s up to you to look for quality and healthy mattresses and pillows.
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Check the interior material

The main concern when buying a mattress or a pillow is related to the inside material that is often synthetic and has been treated with all sorts of substances that can be dangerous for you. Mattresses made of synthetic latex have a strange smell that is released long after installing the mattress and can cause you sever allergies and breathing problems. Memory foam mattresses are also dangerous if the foam has been treated with fire retardants that create toxic fumes. The pillows also come with health risks because they gather moisture and develop dust mites and bacteria that you can easily inhale. Therefore, the mattresses and pillows you choose must be made of high quality materials that don’t pose a risk to your health.

Look for hypoallergenic covers and cases

As important as the inside is the outside of your mattress and pillow because it’s the one that touches your body so you need to look for items that feel soft to touch and repel allergens, like the bamboo pillow. This pillow has a case made of bamboo that is eco-friendly and acts as a natural barrier against impurities. You can also find bamboo mattress toppers that offer the same allergen protection and provide the softest texture that embraces your body throughout the night.
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Make sure they feel comfortable to sleep on

The comfort of a mattress and pillow is influenced by the body support they offer while you sleep because if you are not comfortable during your sleep, you can suffer many health problems like headache, back pain, spine problems, or insomnia. A good mattress needs to be not too firm yet not too soft so your body will remain in a correct position throughout the night. The pillow must maintain your neck in a proper position that will allow you to breathe easily and to sleep well the entire night. For this, both the mattress and the pillow must be made of materials that maintain their shape and keep your body in the proper sleeping posture.