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Heatstroke Risk Factors

The heat of the summer increases chances for people to suffer from heat strokes. But as any health problem out there, it is favored by certain factors. For you to stay safe from a heat stroke, read the following lines to find out which are the risk factors of this health problem.
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What gives you the power to cope with extreme heat is your central nervous system. It has to be very strong for a heatstroke to not occur. Unfortunately, those who are too young don’t have the central nervous system fully developed, and the central nervous system of those who have passed the age of 65 begins to deteriorate. To compensate for this problem, both age groups have to drink more fluids in order to stay hydrated.

Lack of cooling devices

When you’re indoors, the lack of cooling devices can ultimately lead to a heat stroke. If there is no device that will cool your home or office, the heat will rise to unbearable levels, and you will be greatly affected. The best thing to do is to either invest in an air conditioning unit or to purchase a tower fan. We recommend that you go with the Lasko T48303 tower fan because it features an ionizer. Therefore, it will not only cool the room that you’re in, but it will produce cleaner air as well. In addition, in features widespread oscillation, meaning that it will effectively cool the surrounding environment.


Working out might be good for your health, but in conditions of extreme heat, you have to be cautious about the amount of effort that you put into exercising. Otherwise, you will surely have a heatstroke. Overexertion is extremely dangerous in these situations. What’s best for you to do is to avoid running outdoors, and start exercising indoors. If you don’t give up on exercising outdoors, at least make sure that you stay properly hydrated and that you don’t exercise for more than 30-40 minutes.

Certain health conditions

Certain health conditions are big risk factors that favor the appearance of a heatstroke. If you suffer from any type of heart and lung disease, do your best to stay away from the torrid heat of the outdoors. Also, if you’re obese or you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are more likely to succumb to a heatstroke.