Common Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

Although few people know about the dangers of lead poisoning, the risk is very high and the biggest concern is that lead is hidden in many objects in our homes from the paint on the walls to the pipes that transport drinking water. It’s best that people know how to detect a possible lead poisoning and for this, they must know which are the common symptoms to look for.
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Lead poisoning symptoms in children

Children’s exposure to lead can result in learning difficulties and slowed growth because lead inhibits the growing process and stops the natural development of the brain. If the child has been exposed to lead, they could show difficulties in talking and concentrating as a sign of brain damage. Other symptoms that might point towards lead poisoning in children are the loss of appetite followed by weight loss, irritability, fatigue, hearing loss, abdominal pain, vomiting, and constipation.
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Lead poisoning symptoms in adults

Adults can also be affected by lead and the symptoms they experience are similar to those seen in children. Lead poisoning can start with problems in focusing, a high blood pressure, headache, memory loss, changes of mood, abdominal pain, constipation, and numbness of the extremities. The symptoms can develop into joint and muscle pain, mental issues, and even loss of consciousness. Lead can also affect the sperm quality and cause a sudden miscarriage or premature birth in pregnant women.
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How to stay away from lead

Lead is a heavy metal that has been used in many building materials and chances are you have lead at home in the paint used for decorating or in the railings of your house. If your house is older than 1987, you should consider removing the old paint and any ironware that might contain lead. This dangerous metal can also be found in the water pipes and it easily reaches into the water, which is why it’s not recommended to prepare a baby’s formula with tap water that we suspect to be contaminated with lead. In order to stay away from lead poisoning, install a whole house water filter that can remove this harmful metal from the water in your house. Look for models with a special lead cartridge that is guaranteed to eliminate any risk of lead poisoning from drinking water.