Alkaline Ionized Water Myths and Facts

We all know that it’s hard to improve the cleaning power of water without adding any sort of chemicals to it. However, there are companies which are claiming that this it’s possible to do that by ionizing water. There is a theory which said that the alkaline ionized water is a powerful antioxidant with electrons which can remove the most harmful free radicals you have in your blood. There are several specialists who relieved that this is a myth. As such, in the following lines, we have gathered some alkaline ionized myths and facts which can help you understand more about of the alkaline water.

The myth of microclustering

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When it comes to alkaline water, everybody knows about the myth of microclustering. The alkaline water has the ability to make molecules smaller than they really are, and give them the possibility to be absorbed faster. This myth doesn’t exist, because this is not possible. Some alkaline ionized water companies have propagated this myth for years, despite the fact that several experts have demystified this marketing action years ago. Actually, this false information was only to bring more sales, how we like to say ” in the name of business”.

The use of alkaline water increases the pH of the body

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Have you ever heard about ionized water, which can raise the pH of your body? There is nothing more untrue than that. Any doctor or specialist can tell you that this association of drinking alkaline water and increased pH of the body is a real myth. The human body can maintain a big number if homeostatic balances which also include the control of the pH level.

Ionized water provides you with energy

If you feel more energy when you are drinking water, you should know that this will happen because you are more hydrated. In fact, the solution for being more energized is to drink water. Alkaline water will provide you with energy if the tap water contains dissolved molecular hydrogen, which creates energy in the Citric Acid. This is all about the hydrogen, and this myth with alkaline water which gives you energy is simply not true. Moreover, due to the presence of dissolved hydrogen gas in the water which has antioxidant properties, most companies have developed the myth about the antioxidant properties of alkaline water.